The Joys and Challenges between 6 to 8 Months of Newborn

The Joys and Challenges between 6 to 8 Months of Newborn

Parenthood is an incredible journey filled with moments of pure joy and unique challenges. When your little one transitions from the newborn phase to the 6 to 8-month stage, a world of discoveries and milestones awaits. In this blog post, we'll talk about some of our struggles and joys of this precious period, offering insights and tips to make the most of these transformative months. As a reminder, every baby is different but we would love to know if you’ve experienced similarities!

 newborn six to 8 months

The Milestones

At 6 to 8 months, your baby is rapidly evolving, both physically and cognitively. These months are marked by exciting milestones:


  1. Sitting Up: Many babies start to sit up unassisted during this period, providing them with newfound independence. It's a momentous achievement that allows them to explore their surroundings from a new perspective. It took Elena (Our baby) awhile to sit up by herself. She could sit up if I plopped her in that position, but it wasn’t until month 7 that she started sitting up by herself. People often compare each baby’s milestones with one another, but every baby is different and they learn at their own pace - don’t forget that!


  1. First Tastes: Introducing solid foods is a thrilling adventure. Your baby's taste buds awaken to new flavors and textures, and mealtime becomes an exciting exploration. Like a lot of other parents that we know, we use to introduce solids to Elena. FYI Baby-led weaning can be messy. We started with a bit of puree at the end of 5 months and transitioned her to the first 100 days from Solid Starts when she officially hit her 6 months milestone. We were so scared of Elena choking, but we recommend that you trust the process because babies are pretty good at spitting things out. (A baby CPR class will definitely help calm the nerves if you need a little reassurance.) Oh, and their poop will start to change… smells!

  2. Babbling and Communication: Between 6 to 8 months, babies often start babbling and experimenting with sounds. They may respond to their name and even imitate simple sounds. Communication begins to take shape. Elena actually started babbling before 6 months, but I think she started to understand more around 6 months. That’s when she started to recognize her name but it was a bit challenging for us since we are bilingual and her grandparents would only say her cantonese name. Of course, her first word is da-da.

  3. Crawling and Movement: Some babies may begin crawling or scooting, while others prefer to roll or shuffle. Their newfound mobility opens up a world of possibilities (and babyproofing challenges). We always thought it would be fun to watch your little one start moving and grooving, but the reality is that changing them becomes a pain and pants start becoming better than onesie’s. Elena did a lot of backwards crawling around month 6 and didn’t crawl forward until month 8. We learned the hard way of noticing how many tiny cords,drawls, and other things that babies find fun to open/pull. Start baby proofing whenever you have free time it will help in the long run!

six to eight months sleep challenges

Sleep Challenges

While there are countless joys during this stage, sleep can be a significant struggle. Your baby's sleep patterns might be disrupted due to teething, separation anxiety, or the excitement of newfound skills. To cope with sleep challenges:

- Stick to a consistent bedtime routine.

- Create a soothing sleep environment.

- Respond to nighttime wake-ups with comfort and reassurance.

We were lucky with Elena since she maintained a consistent sleep schedule, but she did develop separation anxiety around 8 months and didn’t enjoy other people holding her when she was tired.


Teething Troubles

Teething often begins around 6 months, bringing discomfort and fussiness. To ease teething woes:

- Provide teething toys or rings for gentle relief.

- Consider natural teething remedies like chilled teething rings.

- Consult with your pediatrician if teething symptoms persist.

Elena loves to chew on everything and with teething comes A LOT of drool. It’s surprising how much drool actually comes out of the little one. At 8 months we still don’t have teeth yet, but like we said earlier, every baby is different. Has your baby started teething? Leave us a comment, we would love to know!

six to eight months teething

Embracing the Joys

Amidst the challenges, there are countless joys during this phase:

  1. Exploration: Your baby's curiosity knows no bounds. They'll eagerly explore toys, textures, and the world around them. Offer safe, age-appropriate toys to encourage sensory development.
  1. Bonding: Your baby's attachment to you deepens during this time. Cherish those moments of cuddles, laughter, and babbling conversations.
  1. Laughter and Play: Babies at this age often respond to playful interactions and peek-a-boo games with contagious giggles. These moments create beautiful memories.
  1. First Words: While it's still early for full sentences, your baby might utter their first word, which is a milestone to celebrate.

Tips for Navigating This Stage

  1. Baby proof Your Home: As your baby becomes more mobile, ensure your home is a safe place for exploration. Install safety gates and secure heavy furniture.
  1. Maintain a Routine: Consistency provides comfort. Stick to a predictable daily schedule for meals, naps, and bedtime.
  1. Capture Moments: Document your baby's milestones with photos and videos. These memories are treasures to revisit in the years to come.
  1. Self-Care: Don't forget to take care of yourself. Parenthood can be demanding, so prioritize self-care to stay energized and patient.

In conclusion, the 6 to 8-month stage is a whirlwind of joys and challenges. Embrace each moment, celebrate milestones, and offer plenty of love and support to your growing little one. These precious months will shape the beautiful journey of parenthood. Let us know your experiences during this amazing time of growth!


With love,

The Jiani Baby Team

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